One of Many (1927) movie

A Soviet girl dreams of Hollywood in the charming short combined live action/animated film. The film takes its cue from Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks’ visit to Russia in 1926. The story follows a film-obsessed young girl (played by Aleksandra Kudriavtseva) who arrives home, still dizzy with excitement. Because today was the day that she saw … Mary and Doug! And not only that, but: “Mary SAW ME!” The inserted newsreel footage is cut so as to give the illusion of a special moment of eye contact between her and Mary & Doug. Her joy is palpable. “She’ll take me to – AMERICA!” And when the girl lies down to take a rest, she is transformed into a cartoon character – and the film enters an animated Hollywood dreamland.

One of Many (1927) movie

Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Production Co.: Mezhrabpom-Rus

Directed by Nikolaj Hodataev
Writing Credits: Nikolaj Hodataev
Cinematografy by P. Menshin
Animators: Olga Hodataeva, Valentina Brumberg, Zinaida Brumberg

Aleksandra Kudriavtseva as girl

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